Hjælp dit barn med at falde i søvn selv

Help your child fall asleep himself

Out on the gravel path with the pram. Swing cradle, pilates ball and white noise. Is it the endless screw? Many parents find that very young children sleep best in motion or noise. It makes sens...

Putteritualer for børn og trætte forældre

Puttering rituals for children and tired parents

What do you do when the tumbler doesn't want to sleep?You know he's tired, but he refuses to surrender to sleep. "I am thirsty. One more book. Where is my teddy bear?” Sound like something you...

Søvnguide: Hvor meget skal mit barn sove?

Sleep guide: How much should my child sleep?

Good sleep is fundamental for new learning, development and well-being. But how do I know if my child is getting enough sleep? Sleep is a recurring theme in families with children. Not least lac...

Sådan vælger du den rigtige dyne til dit barn

How to choose the right duvet for your child

A good night's sleep is crucial to whether it will be a good day. This applies to both you and your child. Here, the duvet plays an important role.  A good duvet gives better sleep. We have creat...

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